The social capital of faux celebrities on social media. Lines are blurred between the status of celebrity and fan. It is #aspirational. In social media anybody can now be a celebrity. Tag you are (read more)

What There Is Before There Is Anything There: A Scary Story

What lurks in the minds of kids just before they go to sleep. This foreign idea of dream or nightmare is being understood by their imagination. Argentinian artist, Liniers, examines the world beyond our nightly sleep in, What There Is Before There Is Anything There: A Scary Story. Every night when his parents turn off the light, strange creatures descend from the black space where the ceiling (read more)

Waiting for the Great Pumpkin

What is Autumn without the Great Pumpkin? Everybody laughs at Linus at the notion of the Great Pumpkin. How more far fetched is he from Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny? Beliefs only become silly when child innocence is gone from within. The Great Pumpkin is the sum of fears of losing the child in us. Other children laugh at the idea of the Great Pumpkin, Linus however with his security blanket (read more)

The Bendable iPhone 6 Dali Edition

I am waiting for my phone carrier to release the latest iPhone 6 Plus in a few days. There is negative hype about the bendable iPhone 6 that compares it to bendable Dali clocks and cartoon references to Gumby, the bendable green clay hero. What would you expect would happen if you try to bend a slim phone like that? A phone like that should be handled with kiddy gloves. There is so much (read more)

Polaroll: Polariod Toilet Paper Holder

I say they should get James Garner & Mariette Hartley to sponsor this retro Polariod Toilet Paper Holder. Polaroids used to take shitty pictures, I think it is quite apropos. It would be cool if it made the same sound as the original Polaroid and flash at the same (read more)
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